Modern Warfare 2: How To Unlock Oni Operator And Blueprint

September 23, 2022
Take down your enemies in Modern Warfare 2!

Modern Warfare 2 is an upcoming first person shooter from the popular Call of Duty franchise. While the full game is releasing in October, a beta is currently available for PlayStation users on September 18 and will open up to other platforms soon. You can play as different Operators. Some returning characters, some new.  They come from different backgrounds and one of them even uses blades in combat.

Here’s how to unlock the Oni Operator, Hiro Watanabe, in Modern Warfare 2!

How To Unlock Oni Operator And Blueprint – Modern Warfare 2

The Oni Operator is a very composed and level headed soldier who is shown brandishing a sword and dual wielding knives which seem to resemble the Dual Kodachi: Aomi legendary weapon from Warzone.

To unlock him, players have to pre-order Modern Warfare through the Playstation Store, making him Playstation exclusive content for players.

Those that do so will receive the new operator Hiro “Oni” Watanabe and a blueprint for an unconfirmed weapon, likely to be the M4 Carbine.