Modern Warfare 2: How To Unlock MP5 (2022)

September 20, 2022
Unlock one of the game’s best weapons by doing a simple workaround!

The highly anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Beta is finally here, and players now find themselves in a state of glee with the tons of new exciting content the game has to offer. This includes a revamped and fresh Gunsmith system. That said, while such new additions are indeed welcome, some players may find it a bit confusing at first, especially without guidance.

A great example of this is unlocking certain guns, for this instance the MP5 Lachmann. Although the gun may appear locked in the game’s beta at first, players can actually get their hands on it already by employing a simple workaround in the aforementioned new weapons system.

In this guide, we will be showing you how you can unlock the MP5 Lachmann in Modern Warfare 2 Beta.

How To Unlock MP5 (2022) in Modern Warfare 2

To unlock everyone’s favorite gun, the MP5 Lachmann loadout in the new Modern Warfare, there are a few steps players need to follow. 

Firstly, you must unlock the Lachmann-556, and then you must level it up to unlock the Lachmann Sub as the receiver, which is a new feature of this gunsmith. Here is how you do it:

Create a loadout that does not include the Overkill perk.

Equip the Expedite 12 as your primary weapon.

Now, change your perk package to one with Overkill. Weirdly, this is the thing that unlocks the gun.

You may choose any other perk after that, just be sure that you choose Overkill first.

You should now see the Lachman-556 assault rifle equipped automatically as your secondary gun.

Once you have that, be sure to use the Lachmann in your games to level it up so you can eventually go back to the Gunsmith to turn it into the fabled MP5.

You have to use the basic form of the Lachmann for a while, as the SMG version or the Lachmann Sub (the MP5), will only become available at Weapon Level 13.

The only drawback to this method of unlocking the gun is that the MP5 Lachmann should always be set as the secondary weapon on your loadout or your progress will be reset, forcing you to start over.

Nevertheless, this drawback isn’t that big of a deal considering the advantages players receive using the gun in their games.

Give the weapon a try and soon enough, you’d discover why the MP5 Lachmann is among the most favored weapon of choice in the whole game.