Modern Warfare 2: How To Mute Players Guide

September 27, 2022
Take down your enemies with your teammates in Modern Warfare 2!

Modern Warfare 2 is an upcoming first person shooter from the popular Call of Duty franchise. While the full game is releasing in October, a beta is currently available for Playstation users on September 18 and will open up to other platforms soon. Communication with other players plays a crucial part whether you win or lose. Thankfully Modern Warfare 2 makes communication easy with its voice chat features.

Keep reading this article and find out How to Mute Players in Modern Warfare 2!

How To Mute Players Guide – Modern Warfare 2

There are two areas where you can mute players.

Audio Settings

In the audio settings, you can set the voice chat to your preferred options. You can set the general setting to your teammates, friends or none at all.

The following settings are:

  • On: You can hear the voice of all players
  • Off: All players are muted, including yourself
  • Mute Everyone Except Party: All players except party members are muted. You can manually unmute players outside of your party during a match.
  • Mute Everyone Except Friends: Only players on your friends list can be heard. You can manually unmute players outside of your friends list during a match.

Game Lobby

If you are in a game and you want to mute a specific player then you need to press your options button. Next choose the Channels tab and go to Lobby.

It will show you the list of players in your game and gives you the option to mute them on the spot. You can also check the Scoreboard and mute specific players from there.

Now you can enjoy playing Modern Warfare 2 without the disruptive audio of other players!