Modern Warfare 2: How To Change FOV Guide

September 26, 2022
Learn how to change FOV in Modern Warfare 2!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II is the sequel to the Modern Warfare reboot and follows the story of Task Force 141 formed by Captain Price at the end of the previous game. The sequel brings much-requested improvements such as a new gun handling system, improved AI, new gunsmith and other graphical as well as gameplay improvements.

Adjusting the Field of View (FOV) will allow you to see more of your surroundings and have more immersive experiences. Most players like to maximise their FOV when playing a first-person shooter to gain an advantage over their opponents and kill them easily.

This guide will tell you how to change the FOV in Modern Warfare 2.

How To Change FOV Guide – Modern Warfare 2

In order to change the FOV, press Options and then head over to Settings.

Select the Graphics tab and scroll down to find the Field of View option.

Click on Show more and you will be able to view additional settings for FOV.

The default value is 100 and you can either increase or decrease the slider to adjust the FOV according to your preferences.

The lowest value is 60 and the highest value is 120 so you tweak it to find the value that works best for you.

You can also adjust the ADS Field of View which can be set to either Independent or Affected and it changes the magnification level of the aiming down sights.

Next is the Weapon Field of View which can be set to either Narrow, Default or Wide. It will adjust the amount of space taken by the weapon on your screen.

That’s it, now go ahead and change the FOV to have a more immersive shooting experience!