Minecraft Legends: How To Repair Villages

Minecraft Legends is a new spinoff title that focuses on action and strategy instead of typical sandbox environments that most Minecraft players will be familiar with. Villages are still an important element of the game and you can do more things than just trade with villagers in this game.

This guide will tell you how to repair villages in Minecraft Legends.

How To Repair Villages

Villagers are a crucial aspect of Minecraft as you can trade items with them and look for shelter by staying in their homes. However, Minecraft Legends builds upon that aspect and allows you to repair these villages from attacks inflicted by hordes of Piglins.

In order to repair a village that has been destroyed or has low health, you will need to defeat all the Piglins in the area first.

After the area is clear, you will need to construct a Carpenter Hut to conduct the repairs. This hut will repair any damage done to nearby structures and placing this in a village will fix the damaged structures.

Once the village reaches 3% health, it will be repaired and functional again so you can protect them from any future attacks.

That’s it, now go ahead and build a Carpenter’s Hut to repair your village!

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