Minecraft Legends: How To Get Bug Mount

Minecraft Legends is a spinoff title that focuses on action and strategy instead of typical sandbox environments that most Minecraft players will be familiar with. Similar to Minecraft, the game features various mounts such as the Bug Mount that will help you traverse and attack enemies from above.

This guide will tell you how to get the Bug Mount in the game.

Minecraft Legends: How To Get Bug Mount

In order to unlock the Bug Mount, also known as Brilliant Beetle you will need to head over to the jungle biome on the map. These mounts will appear as a question mark on your map and change into a compass symbol when you are in their proximity.

Do note that not every question is expected to be a mount and some of them have a chance of turning out to be golems or towers. After you spot a mount, just walk upto them and choose the Swap Mount to get your new ride.

Since the map layout for every player’s world is different, there is no specific location where you can find these mounts. You will need to explore each biome until you find a question mark on the map. You can check your biome by opening the map and hovering the cursor over the area.

What’s Bug Mount Good For?

The Bug Mount can be a good choice for mobility as it can help you climb and traverse through challenging terrains. It is excellent for climbing over walls and obstacles which makes it an ideal choice for invading enemy bases.

That’s it, now explore the jungle biome to find your own Bug Mount!

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