Minecraft Legends: How To Collect Towers

April 17, 2023
Learn how to collect towers in Minecraft Legends!

Minecraft Legends is a new spinoff title that focuses on action and strategy instead of typical sandbox environments that most Minecraft players will be familiar with. Towers are the main defence of your base and there are four different types of towers that can safeguard your base against the invading Piglin horde.

This guide will tell you how to collect more towers in the game.

How To Collect Towers

In order to get more Towers, you will first need to construct the Collect Power Towers improvement at the Well of Fate.

Unlocking this improvement will grant you the ability to collect towers when you interact with one. Each tower that you collect will be unlocked as buildable structures allowing you to construct them in your base.

All towers require a specific material in order to collect them which you can check by opening your map. This will allow you to see what resources it needs in order to be collected.

That’s it, now go ahead and find some towers to unlock them in the game!

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