Minecraft: How to Find and Raid the Ancient Cities

Published: 20 Jun 2022
Check out this guide to find out how you can locate and raid the Ancient Cities in Minecraft.

The Ancient Cities in Minecraft are the newest cities that you can locate in the 1.19 patch update. These cities are hidden underground and are packed with monsters that deal a ton of damage and can probably kill you in two hits. Getting prepared for these cities will surely take time.

This guide will show you how to locate and raid Ancient Cities in Minecraft.

Minecraft: How to Find and Raid the Ancient Cities

How to Find Ancient Cities

Stone hills that are surrounded by jungle areas are the main indicator that there may be an Ancient City in this specific area. They are rare and hard to come by.

Once you get to an area like this, try digging straight down until you get to around Y -30 -40. Mine around that area, eventually you will get to an opening that can lead you to the city and allow you to mine things there and eventually begin raiding it.

How to Raid an Ancient City

The main thing for setting up a raid for the Ancient City is to have a safe space where you can run away to and refill your health, even repair your equipment.

This safe space can be a high area where only you can climb to and other monsters will not be able to.

Try getting on top of that building there and break the spawn block that will attract monsters. That should be your safest place in the city.

Also NOTE that you will need to use an elytra to get around the area much quicker, and prepare some fireworks for a quick getaway.

Your next step is to quietly move around the castle portal area and break down all the Shreikers that can attract monsters.

Get your hoe and begin clearing out the area.

Your next step is to go to the outer side of the walls and repeat the same process again. The outer wall of the city is essential as there is wool on top of it. Wool will not send any signals to the Shreikers. Meaning that you will be safe.

From this point on, you’ve established yourself a great safe spot for making a base where you can re-spawn if you get killed and continue raiding.

Now repeat the process over and over again until you have removed almost all of the Shreikers which attract guards. And switch to different areas, don’t go to the same spot where a guard was spawned. Try to have a lot of torches to place down and light up your area.

Have a bow and arrow prepared with some good enchants to damage and knock back these enemies away.

Once the area has been cleared out, you will have the Ancient City all by yourself. Just be careful cause there may be a few Shreikers sitting around that you may have missed in Minecraft.