Minecraft: How Fast Can A Horse Go

September 11, 2022
Let’s find out How Fast Can A Horse Go in Minecraft!

Horses are passive mobs that can be ridden when tamed and saddled. They are the most useful companion in Minecraft that players could have. With a horse, you will be able to explore the world around you much faster. They are not the fastest way on the ground but are still much more efficient than walking. All of them have different speed, and we will help you out to get the fastest horse in Minecraft.

Keep reading our guide and find out How Fast Can A Horse Go in Minecraft!

How Fast Can A Horse Go in Minecraft

What is Horse in Minecraft?

Horses are part of friendly mobs in Minecraft, and they will allow you to ride them when tamed. While riding a horse, they will allow you to climb up mountains faster, jump up on the fences, and even help our expedition.

The main reason to ride a horse in Minecraft is just to get much faster in movement.

There are 35 different types of horses in Minecraft, and they are all variants of brown, black, white and gray. They are all unique with their own stats having its own health, speed and jumping height.

However, there is no exact fastest horse in the game as Minecraft horse stats are completely random.

Horse’s Abilities

You must be familiar with the horse’s attributes if you want to get good horse. There are traits that you need to check if a horse is good or bad.

These trait values are completely random and cannot be changed later on. One trait’s value is dependent on others, and if the horse has more health, he has more chance of slower speed than high speed.

Below you can find all the three main traits which you will need to know about horses.

1. Horse’s Heath

You can immediately tell how much health your horse has once you get on it. Horse health will be displayed on the right-hand side of your toolbar, replacing the hunger bar.

The health of the horses is randomly generated and its value is between 15-30, with an average of 22.5 hearts. Horse health functions similarly to player health in the game.

2. Horse’s Jump Strength

A horse can jump anywhere from one to five blocks. With an increased jump strength, you can easily scale tall mountains. Also, you will be able to jump over fences without needing to go through a gate. This will help you a lot because on foot you will not be able to jump fences and many other obstacles.

3. Speed

Speed dictates how fast your horse can move. The average speed of the horse is nine blocks per second.

The maximum speed that a horse can have in Minecraft is 14.23 blocks per second. For reference, while sprinting, you move five blocks per second, which means that on average, the horse is twice faster than you.

How to make your horse faster?

The first method to make your horse faster is the breeding process that will obtain you a better horse.

All that you need for breeding are many Golden Apple and Carrot. They can be used to tame and breed horses.

The main requirement for breeding is horses themselves. You need to have at least two horses to start with, and they can be found in grassland biomes.

Find two horses, bring the to your stable and keep on feeding them with Golden Apples, Carrots, or Wheat to tame them which will help the horse to stay with you.

By using the breeding method, you can generate a horse that is faster than both the parent horses. This process is similar to the real-life breeding process which has genetic mutations.

The third randomly generated parent’s ability values are added and it might make a huge difference.

If the parent horses have 6 and 7 blocks/sec movement speed, and the third random parent has 13 blocks/sec movement speed, then your baby horse will have 6+7+13/3 = 8.67 blocks/sec movement speed.

You have to keep on repeating the same method until you get the fastest horse in the game. It might take some time, but the horses are easy to find in the map.