Military Supplies Key Location Dead Island 2

The world of Dead Island 2 is filled with locked boxes and safe deposits. These boxes often contain valuable loot or weapon that can be helpful if you are looking to progress further in the game. One such box called the Military Supplies Case can be found in the back of a military vehicle however you need to find its corresponding key to unlock it.

This guide will tell you where to find the Military Supplies Key in the game.

Military Supplies Key Location

The Military Supplies case can be found in the trunk of a military vehicle on Lacuna Avenue northeast of the Halperin Hotel area. However, this yellow case requires a key to unlock it and it can be obtained only after you complete the Halperin Hotel main story quests.

Once you complete the Room Service for Major Brooker quest, return back to the area and you will be greeted by a crusher zombie on the way.

Defeat the crusher zombie called Drill Sergeant and you will be able to obtain the key from his drop. Do note that this a tough fight as the zombie can deliver some powerful blows causing serious damage if you are not too careful. Make sure to use a gun or time your dodges if you are using a melee weapon.

After getting your hands on the key, head back to the military truck to open the supply case. You will be rewarded with a superior Guarding Military Knife for your efforts.

That’s it, now go ahead and defeat the crusher zombie to obtain the key!

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