McPixel 3: Game Review

November 15, 2022
Check out the latest game review for McPixel 3!

With a ton of new indie games coming to the gaming world, McPixel 3 has sure given most of its community a great experience. An amazing retro indie game with pixelated graphics. McPixel is your hero in this game and he will guide you through all that is good and bad in the game. It’s time to dig into the pixel world and see what McPixel 3 is all about!

In this article, we will be reviewing the newly released McPixel 3.

Game Review

In McPixel 3 you get to go around different levels and complete various tasks, from defusing a bomb, flying a helicopter, and even blowing up various buildings. The game just does not stop.

The game is filled with various scenarios, hidden levels within regular levels that you can enter and discover new features to the game.

McPixel 3 might look like a plain and simple pixelated game, but it’s just much more than that.

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Release Date & Available Platforms

McPixel 3 has been officially released on 11/14/2022 and the game has since been available for the three following platforms, they are:

  • PC
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox

Even though the game is released for these platforms, you can also play it on the following:

  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Steam Deck

The game is developed by Sos Sosowski and published by Developer Digital.

Pros & Cons

Enjoyable Scenes On Each LevelSome Jokes May Be Disturbing To Children
Non-Stop FunSome Levels Can Be Hard
Wherever You Go, A Mouse Point Highlight Will Guide You 
You Can Re-Do Levels To Reach 100% 
Failed Attempts Earn Coins 

Is McPixel 3 Worth Playing?

The game is only $10 on Steam. For $10, you will stay on this game for quite a longer period of time.

My short answer to your question is a big YES.

I would recommend not giving access to this game to a younger generation (Children). They may find this game to be challenging and some of the levels to be a bit disturbing due to the adult jokes flying around.