Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Standing Rune Stones Puzzle Guide

In Marvel Midnight Suns, you get to become the hunter and complete missions that are revolved around the marvel saga. Here, you also get to meet up with new heroes, level them up, and prepare all of them for upcoming fights that you will encounter in the future.

In this guide, you can see how you can solve the standing rune stones puzzle in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Standing Runestones Puzzle Guide

The standing runestones puzzle is located just southeast of The Abbey area. Once you get there, you can see a small stone platform that you can stand on and 5 pillars will be around that platform with some blue marks onto.

On the middle of the stone platform, you need to stand on a marked stone and use the Reveal Word of Power to begin the puzzle.

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Once all 5 pillars have revealed their mark, you need to go to each rune stone and touch the mark which will activate it in the right order.

On the images below, you will see the exact order that you need to touch the marks for the puzzle to be completed.

First Rune Stone

Second Rune Stone

Third Rune Stone

Fourth Rune Stone

Fifth Rune Stone

Once all five Rune Stones have been activated in the correct order, the puzzle will be completed, and in the middle of the stone platform, the legendary arcane chest will be discovered and available to be opened up.

We hope this guide helped you solve the 5 standing rune stones puzzle and claim your rewards for Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Best of luck now!