Marvel’s Midnight Suns: All Elemental Rods Locations

February 9, 2023
Want to see where you can find all elemental rods in Marvel’s Midnight Suns? Check out this guide!

In Marvel Midnight Suns, you get to become the hunter and complete missions that are revolved around the marvel saga. Here, you also get to meet up with new heroes, level them up, and prepare all of them for upcoming fights that you will encounter in the future.

This guide will show you where you can find all elemental rods in Marvel’s Midnight Suns!

All Elemental Rods Locations

In total, there are 4 elemental rods that you can find at The Grounds area, which later on need to be placed at Agatha’s Altar.

These rods are:

  • Air Elemental Rod
  • Water Elemental Rod
  • Fire Elemental Rod
  • Earth Elemental Rod

Air Elemental Rod

To get the Air Elemental rod, you need to head over to the west side of the map, at the Whispering Wood area. Once you enter the Whispering wood area, take the first left where you need to walk onto some stairs and encounter the Air Elemental Rod.

Water Elemental Rod

The Water Elemental Rod can be found just outside The Yard area where The Abbey is. Here you need to go south from The Yard and enter The Grotto area where you will find a small lake.

As you follow the path given in the picture below, you will find yourself on a bridge. Just under that bridge, you will find a blue rod that you can pick up which is the Water Elemental Rod.

Fire Elemental Rod

The fire elemental rod is going to be located inside the abbey area. Here you need to go inside and get to this specific room.

Once you are inside this room, you will find an orange rod that is the fire elemental rod. Pick it up and begin your journey towards the last one.

Earth Elemental Rod

The Earth Elemental Rod can be located on the southeast part of the map. You want to go over to the Hunter’s Folly region first.

Once you make it there, you need to open the doors of the stone building with your Open ability from the Words of Power.

As you open the stone doors, you will see that the Earth Elemental Rod is located on the left side, waiting for you to be picked up.

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With all four rods now collected, you can go to Agatha’s Altar and place them all to continue your mission.

That is how easily you can obtain all 4 elemental rods in Marvel Midnight Suns. Good Luck!