Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope: All Palette Prime Hidden Quest Locations

As fun as the combat of the new Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope is, ticking off its side quest one by one could also be a delight. That being said, are you stuck trying to find all the Hidden Quest locations in the game’s World 3 Palette Prime? You have come to the right place! Below we will be showing you where exactly to look for those Palette Prime Pipes. Before you know it, you’d be showering in Planet Coins!

Without further ado, here are all the Hidden Quest locations in World 3 Palette Prime.

All Pallete Prime Hidden Quest Locations – Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope

Palette Prime has four hidden pipes for you to find. Thankfully, most of them aren’t that hard to find, all you need is a bit of patience and a keen eye. Here they are:

Palette Prime Pipe

The first hidden pipe is quite easy to find. All you need to do is to head down the slopes near the river and look for a brown object that obstructs a white pipe that you can push.

Simply clear the path to the pipe by pushing said object and let it take you to where the hidden pipe is situated. Interact with it and be awarded the Palette Prime Pipe Hidden Quest and a Planet Coin.

Sweetlopek’s Workshop

For the next hidden pipe, you’d need the Scan Ability, which you can unlock by playing through the game’s main story for a bit.

Once you have it, head towards the left side of the map where you can see a seemingly transparent yellow bridge with some coins.

Use the scan ability to pass safely through the bridge. Gather the coins there as well, if you want.

After crossing the bridge, move further along the path and soon you should see a boulder that you can move using one of your other abilities. Do so to cross to the other side and towards the white pipe.

Immediately after crossing the boulder that you moved with your ability, you should see that you can’t use the white pipe just yet because you moved said boulder.

This means you have to look for a way where you can return it to its original place and get to the pipe at the same time.

To do just that, look to the right from the platform where the white pipe is and use your scan ability once again. This will make the bridge to the other platform visible.

All you have to do now is to cross the bridge, get down using the ladder, move the boulder back into place (making the white pipe accessible), then go back up again to the pipe using the transparent yellow bridge you scanned.

Interact with the hidden pipe and it should reward you with the Sweetlopek’s Workshop Hidden Quest and a planet coin.

Height Fright

The third hidden pipe is located on the right side of the map, near the Pumpkin Patch Flag fast travel point.

From there, head over to the section of the map where you’d see purple floating rock formations you can cross from one platform to the next.

Use your ability on the triangular stone near said rock formations to make it accessible.

Just before the third purple rock formation on this path, head over to the edge and use your scan ability. This will make a transparent yellow bridge appear.

Cross the bridge and on the back side, you should see a black ball that you can carry. Get it and head back to the platform where you were after crossing the first purple rock formation.

There, put the black ball into the device just sitting in the end. This will unlock the path originally blocked by a black vine.

Now use your ability again on the triangular stone for the last time to gain access to the hidden pipe.

Getting it gives you the Height Fright Hidden Quest and a planet coin.

Creepy Hollow

To get the fourth hidden pipe, you would first need to find and collect three pumpkin heads and place them on some scarecrows.

Again, from the Pumpkin Patch Flag fast travel point, you should see a large pumpkin. To its right and through some bushes is a hidden yellow bridge you can cross using your scan ability. There hides the first pumpkin.

Place the pumpkin on the scarecrow situated on the platform just near the huge pumpkin as well.

The second pumpkin is much easier to find, assuming that you know where to look. Near the platform where the first scarecrow is located is a tree that you can shake. Do so and it should drop the second pumpkin.

Place it on the scarecrow on the upper side of this section of the map. It is located near some vegetables and some bushes.

The third pumpkin is located just behind the house near where you are already. You can easily find it as a Rabbid NPC is nearby as well.

Get the third pumpkin there and put it on the final scarecrow which is conveniently placed just below the platform where the house is.

After putting the final pumpkin in place, the hidden pipe should appear right beside the house.

Getting it will reward you with the Creepy Hollow Hidden Quest and a planet coin.

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