Marauders: Terraformer Vault Location

October 4, 2022
Check out this guide to see where the terraformer vault is located in Marauders.

Marauders is a great first person galaxy shooter game where you can explore different ships and land on various maps to fight against other opponents, complete missions that will help you become stronger in the game. Each map in this game has a specific set of missions to complete and help you reach higher tier of equipment.

This guide will show you the Terraformer Vault Location in Marauders.

Terraformer Vault Location – Marauders

The vault raider quest is part of the Zero to Hero questline in Marauders. You are required to take a blow torch that has been given to you and get inside the vault in the Terraformer area.

You will be scavenging real supplies that will help you fight off different opponents.

Simply get to the vault and earn high tier loot.

Once you exit the spawning area of the map, head over to the Main Production area where you will see a tunnel named TERRAFORMER.

Pass the tunnel and enter the terraformer area itself, there you will notice a bunch of buildings. Keep an eye on this specific building that is presented on the image below.

You need to head over to that building and on top of it, the vault can be found.

To complete the mission, you will need to enter the area and stand there for 90 seconds. Once that is done, the mission will be completed and great rewards including high quality loot will be earned.

And just like that, now you know the terraformer vault location in Marauders.