Marauders: Space Port Secret Stash Locations

Marauders is a first-person tactical multiplayer which takes place in a sci-fi universe where you play as the leader of space mercenaries called the Marauders. You can embark on the adventure solo or take 3 friends along with you to navigate through the perils of the galaxy and hunt for resources to upgrade your weapons and gears.

This guide will tell you about the location of the hidden stashes in Spaceport.

Space Port Secret Stash Locations – Marauders

There are a total of 2 hidden stashes that can be found in Spaceport and these hidden stashes are represented by a small metal hatch that is usually hard to notice.

To find the first hidden stash required for the quest, you will need to head down the staircase from the main area. Go straight and you will find the stash lying between two bookshelves inside the Garage.

Just press and hold F for 3 seconds to open the stash.

For the second stash, head over to the Pod Bay area and then go through the path underneath it.

Turn right from there and go straight into the room past the two giant red pillars. You will soon enter a dimly lit room full of boxes where you will find the second stash lying in the corner.

Collecting these two secret stashes will give you the level 6 Brodie Helmet and a U.A Supply Drop.

That’s it, now go ahead and find these two secret stashes in Spaceport!