Marauders: Merchant Frigate Engine Location

October 5, 2022
Time to search for the Merchant Frigate Engine in Marauders!

Marauders is a first-person tactical multiplayer which takes place in a sci-fi universe where you play as the leader of space mercenaries called the Marauders. You can embark on the adventure solo or take 3 friends along with you to navigate through the perils of the galaxy and hunt for resources to upgrade your weapons and gears.

This guide will tell you how to find the Merchant Frigate Engine in the game.

Merchant Frigate Engine Location – Marauders

The Pirate Rank contract in the Zero to Hero questline requires you to examine the Merchant Frigate Engine for 25 seconds. To do this contract, you first need to spawn on a map that has the Merchant Frigate remaining stationary in outer space and then find it. You will probably need to do multiple raids in order to find the Merchant Frigate.

The Merchant Frigate looks like a large ship with illuminated red lights covering its entire body. Crash your ship into the frigate and press F to breach the walls.

Once you board the Merchant Ship, you could spawn in many different areas and the Engine Room of the ship is located on the top floor. If you spawn downstairs, go up the ramp to reach the main area and take a left to head past the trucks. Here you will find a room in the right corner with a red light on top of it.

Enter the room and then head past the control panel to access the next room. Climb down the stairs and you will find the engine of the Frigate there. Examine the engine for 25 seconds and the quest will be completed.

That’s it, now go ahead and follow these steps to find the Engine of the Merchant Frigate!