Marauders: How To Split Items

October 10, 2022
Check this guide and learn How To Split Items in Marauders!

Marauders is a new first-person tactical shooter game that happens in a science fiction universe. Players are going to explore different areas and loot a lot of items as they venture into the space. Most of the time, you will find plenty of items that won’t have any use to you, and have to know how to organize your inventory. There is an option to split items and we will show you how.

Keep reading our article and find out How to Split Items in Marauders!

How To Split Items – Marauders

There are tons of items that you are going to collect during the game and your inventory will be full of item stacks. You can split the items and leave some if you need them, and use the rest for selling.

In order to split items, you need to select and drag the stacked items to an empty slot in your inventory but don’t drop it yet. Make sure that you are pressing Ctrl on your keyboard.

While holding Ctrl, release the click on an open slot, and you will see a Split UI appear.

You can’t type the number, but you can go ahead and drag the bar and get it to the amount that you want to split.

If you want to put that stack back into each other, all you have to do is drag it over and it will fill the stack