Marauders: How To Find Half Track Bike and Nickel Ore Locations

October 8, 2022
Let’s find the Half Track Bike and Nickel Ore Locations in Marauders!

Marauders is a new amazing galaxy shooter in which players are going to explore different ships and land on various maps where will encounter plenty of enemies, and complete the missions from the game story. There are some locations that has to be revealed and collect some specific items that are required to complete different tasks, and if you are looking for the Half Track Bike and Nicker Ore Locations, then you are on the right spot.

In this guide, we will show you the Half Track Bike and Nicker Ore Locations in Marauders!

How To Find Half Track Bike and Nickel Ore Locations – Marauders

Half-Track Bike Location

The Half-Track Bike is located in a specific area on the map which is called Iridium Asteroid Mine. To find the vehicle, you have to navigate to the center of the map.

There is going to be a pathway that goes lightly down to the lower level, and in front of it, next to the opposite wall you will find the Half-Track Bike.

While looking for this vehicle, you have to be careful of the other players, because it is a part of the global quest and everyone is looking for it.

Nickel Ore Location

To find the nickel ore, you have to go back from the Half-Track Bike location. Follow the path going up and turn left.

Take the first left and there you will find metal stairs where you have to continue forward.

Go through the metal platform, and you will come to the elevator shaft on your right side where you can find nickel ore vault.

Also, in the same area around the platform, you can find even more of these nickel ore vaults that will gain you a lot of this resource.

If you go down on the first level, you can enter the underground mine where you can also find even more nickel ore.

That’s it. Now you can go into your game and start looking for the Half-Track Bike and Nickel Ore.