Marauders: How Many Players in a Raid

Marauders is a great multiplayer online space game where you can enter a space pod and breach different ships. Inside these ships, you can find a ton of loot and a few players that can be there to kill you, or be some of your friends.

This guide will show you what’s the maximum number of players that can raid in a ship in Marauders.

How Many Players in a Raid – Marauders

A raid begins once you breach a ship that you find in space. Once a ship has been breached, you can head some footsteps or any other noise that has been made from different players.

Inside a ship, there is a player cap on how many players can enter a ship. You can enter that ship solo, or in a group of 4 different members.

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It’s always good to have 1 or 2 friends with you before invading a ship to always have the upper hand against any other players and to be able to sweep up the area as fast as possible.

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