Marauders: Half-Track Bike Location

October 4, 2022
Check out this guide to find the Half-track bike location in Marauders.

Marauders is a great first person galaxy shooter game where you can explore different ships and land on various maps to fight against other opponents, complete missions that will help you become stronger in the game. Each map in this game has a specific set of missions to complete and help you reach higher tier of equipment.

This guide will show you how to get the Half-Track Bike in Marauders.

Half-Track Bike Location – Marauders

The Half-Track Bike in Marauders is located on the map called Iridium Asteroid Mine. You will be able to find this rusted vehicle in the center of the map.

Once you get in this map, you will need to go to the center where there are a bunch of trucks parked around. After passing the trucks, you will see a path that will lead you down into a cave looking area. There will be no constructs there.

Go down that path and on the left side, you will find the Half-Track Bike which is part of the Repo Man Quest in Marauders.

Also do be careful of other players because they may come and look for the same vehicle as well. This is a global quest that is available for everyone.

And just like that, you now know where exactly the Half-Track Bike is located in Marauders.