Marauders: Frigate Types List

October 8, 2022
Check out this guide to see all available frigates in Marauders.

Marauders is a great first-person POV game where you can jump from frigate to frigate. Each frigate in this game has special levels and will require you to complete a specific set of missions to gain great rewards and complete various levels. It’s great to know all the frigates in the game if you want to navigate better.

This guide will show you a list of all the available frigates in Marauders.

Frigate Types List – Marauders


Once you begin playing the game, you will be introduced to the Rustbucket. The Rustbucket is the starter ship in Marauders and this is where it all begins.

Scout Frigate

The Scout Frigate is the second generation ship which is a slight improvement of the Rustbucket frigate. This one is unlocked after you’ve completed the Rusbucket missions.

Interceptor Frigate

The Interceptor Frigate ship can be obtained right before you reach the mid-content of the game. This ship is fast, great for combat but has less armor. A great damaging ship.

Heavy Frigate

The Heavy Frigate is the complete opposite of the Interceptor Frigate. This ship is slower, but with more armor. It depends on what type of play style you like when it comes to choose between these two ships.

Vulture Frigate

A combination of both the Heavy Frigate and the Interceptor Frigate. Once you’ve completed the previous two ships, the Vulture Frigate will be available to you.

This ship is great both in Armor and Speed. Meaning that you can make great plays with it.

Capital Frigate

The Capital Frigate ship is the last ship that you can unlock and enter in Marauders. This is by far the biggest ships of them all and the strongest one as well. A great ship that can be only unlocked once you reach end-game.

That’s all for the ships available in Marauders. So far these are the ones that are available for many players, in the near future developers may create new ones that are filled with great new content.