Marauders: Beginner’s Loot Guide

October 6, 2022
Make the most out of your inventory space by knowing what to scarp, sell, or keep!

Marauders is a first-person shooter that gives players the chance to be a space mercenary searching for treasure in the most precarious of places. This early access game takes heavy inspiration from hardcore survival games such as Escape from Tarkov where players can truly lose everything with each run. When you die in a particular raid; you’ll lose all items you had with you. This can be brutal for some, especially new players considering that the game throws at you several lootable items to which you should decide then what to scrap, sell, or keep.

Let’s make item management easier for you in Marauders. Here is a beginner’s loot guide.

Beginner’s Loot Guide – Marauders

The core gameplay of Marauders is exploration and looting. As fun as it may be to take down as many enemies as you can, the main objective of the game is to allow you to explore unique space destinations while acquiring as much good loot as you may possibly have.

With that said, it is evident that you’d soon find yourself running out of room in your inventory to carry more items. Here comes what we believe is one of the most interesting aspects of games such as Marauders, loot management.

The decision of what to scrap, sell, or keep can be a challenge in itself. It is constantly at the back of your mind whenever you see your inventory piling up. As a way to make this process much easier for you, it is highly recommended that you learn which items to prioritize and which are better of scrapped for other materials or sold altogether.

To know the items you will need to keep, you must first identify the type of armor or weapon you feel the most comfortable with. This is because the game also has a robust crafting mechanic where material scraps can be exchanged for other gear – giving you the incentive on recycling loot that you find not that appealing.

Here is a quick rundown of some items that we believe you should hoard:

  • Synthetics – used to craft medicines, backpacks, and armor
  • Metal Scrap – used for weapons, attachments, and consumables
  • Cables – used to create more ammo
  • Gunpowder – used to create more ammo
  • High-grade Gunpowder – used to create more ammo
  • Metal Sheets – used to create better equipment
  • ToolKit – used to create containers

Take note that only firearms, helmets, armor, backpacks, and melee weapons are scrapable. Say that you have a pistol with you that needs fixing but the cost for doing so is far much higher than what you expected, maybe it’s best that you just scrap it.

Items such as gold rings, silver coins, jewelry boxes, and nickel ore are excellent money makers. Always consider selling them as that is their main purpose. These items are generally rewards for completing quests.

As for the items that you want to keep, that is a decision you have to make on your own. Maybe it’s a powerful weapon, perhaps a gun that you feel comfortable using, possibly an armor that looks extremely cool – if you feel it’s worth keeping, then freely do so.