Marauders: Beginner Tips & Tricks

Marauders is an interesting first person shooter fantasy game where you are in the galaxy and you are fighting off monsters and other players. In this game you will travel to different ships and encounter various battles. It’s great to know some of the beginner tips and tricks for Marauders to make the game easier to play.

This guide will show you some of the beginner tips and tricks for Marauders.

Beginner Tips & Tricks – Marauders

Know Your Ships

A great place to start any game is to scout out the layout of the playing ground and learn where the important objectives are located. In Marauders there are objectives such as:

  • Engine Room
  • Extinguisher
  • Drop Pods
  • Air Lock

Knowing these locations will allow you to give other players a harder time catching you off-guard.

Dock Information

Always note where you have placed your ship on a ship station. This will allow you to move around the area much more quickly and save you some time. Instead of swiping your key card everywhere and failing to get to your ship, try to note where you previously parked.

This way you will also save up on oxygen.

Inventory Management

Having a managed inventory is key to save time and be faster in all of the things you do. You can always split stacks of items if you hold CTRL + and drag the whole slot to an empty slot. A great way to save some resources and know the exact number of items you need to carry.

Captain Card

The captain card is one of the most important items in the team. A card that is obtained by the captain. Once the captain dies, that card needs to be obtained by any player of the team if you want to save your ship and not get it stolen.

To use the card, you need to have it in your card slot.

Drop Pods

Drop Pods are important in the game as you will need them to extract yourself and get out as fast as possible if you don’t know how to get out. Try to memorize where each drop pod is located on each map.

And yes, each map has a drop pod, there is not a map without one. A good thing to also note is that you can use the drop pod multiple times. If a friend of yours uses a drop pod, you can use the same drop pod right behind him and drop.

Healing while Using a Drop Pod

You can actually heal while using a drop pod. Many believe that this is a bug and it will be fixed, why not use it until it’s available, it will save you time and save your game sometimes.

To heal while using the pod, simply enter the animation where you use the pod and begin healing through your inventory.

Health and Stamina Bars

The health and stamina bars can be found on the bottom right corner of the screen. As you play the game and lose stamina and health, you will notice a white line on top of your bar. That will mean that you permanently lose that stamina and health if you don’t eat.

Try to eat as much as possible to keep your player to 100% and stay alive.

Grenades and Mines

Yes, grenades and mines are available in this game and are a very useful utility to have if you want to upper hand the opponent and win fights much easier. You can add grenades in your inventory just by placing them inside your pistol slot.

The pistol is not used as much and can be used for extra storage for grenades or mines.

Scrapping Items

As you play multiple games in Marauder, you will obtain new items from players you have defeated or just by looting around the area. These items can be sold for money OR be scrapped for crafting materials.

Sometimes an item is worth more if you scrap it and get some extra materials instead of selling it for money. To see what an item gives you if scrapped, open up the crafting menu, click and hold the item you want to scrap to see the rewards.

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