Map West Point: Project Zomboid

June 26, 2023
Learn everything about the West Point area in Project Zomboids!

The West Point in Project Zomboids offers some of the best loot and is located on the western end of the map. Due to the high loot density, it is also one of the most dangerous locations that feature the highest zombie population out of all the four towns. If you are interested in heading towards this area then you have come to the right place.

This guide will tell you the map location for West Point

Map West Point Guide

The West Point inspired by its real-life counterpart in West Point, Kentucky is a loot-intensive area filled with high-quality loot and gear in the game. It is located on the east side of Muldraugh which is the perfect middle ground for those looking to travel towards Muldraugh or the VAlley station.

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However, it is equally dangerous to venture out there as it is filled with the highest zombie population which makes it hard even for veteran players to survive. The shopping street in this area is the largest on any map.

Some areas of interest in this sparse town include a police station, large supermarket, pharmacy, hardware store and highly guarded gun store. You can also visit popular areas such as the large hotel, Giga-Mart shopping centre and the School where you can find backpacks and food items.

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Most of the gear can be found in the centre of the town with most of the items being found in the Gunstore, Police Station and a Warehouse found at the bottom edge of the map. This will help you build fortifications for your base.

Next to the warehouse is a gas station and a pharmacy containing enough disinfectants to clean up atleast 20 different bites and scratches.

In order to get the map for West Point, you will need to head over to the gas station. This is the best location to get the map as you can find the gas station in each town and there is a high chance of the map spawning inside.

You can visit the nearest gas station at West Point as there is a high chance of finding the map there. Another way is looting survivor zombies who are loaded with gear and hiking backpacks as there is a chance that you might be able to loot a map from them.

You can then open the map by pressing A on your controller or selecting the read map option in the dropdown menu. With the map, you can mark objects of interest with a pen or pencil allowing you to jot down important locations to loot later on.

That’s it, now go ahead and visit West Point to get your hands on some exotic loot!