Madison: How To Open Green Safe

The newly released horror game Madison is for those who really enjoy solving creepy puzzles which will bring you into an even creepier one. The game story will lead you through many scary buildings and areas where you have to find the right code or solve the hidden puzzle in order to continue running to the next exit.

This guide will show you How to open Green Safe in Madison!

Madison: How To Open Green Safe

In order to open the green safe, you will need to find the two notebooks in which are written two different combinations. Once you find the notebooks, you have to combine the both codes from the two notebooks.

  • The first notebook is located on a rack in the bathroom, and the combination of this notebook is 12 Right, 5 Left.
  • The second notebook is located inside a drawer from the brown table in the clock room. You have to cut the lock to be able to open the drawer. The combination of this notebook is 3 Left.

Once you found the two notebooks with the codes, now just simply use the combination to open the safe.

In our case, the code from the notebooks is 3 Left, 12 Right, and 5 Left. Take note that this combination is different in every game.

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