Madison: All Safe Codes & Passwords

Published: 10 Jul 2022
Looking for All Safe Codes & Passwords in Madison!

Madison is a new horror game where players have to collect a ton of collectibles and solve secret puzzles in order to pass to the next level and achieve some of the game trophies. Every move in the game will bring you to a different path of the story of Madison

In this guide you can find All Safe Codes and Passwords in Madison!

Madison: All Safe Codes & Passwords

Well Padlocks

You have to go to the basement and find a red door that you have to unlock. Behind the door, you will see many candles on the ground that creates a path toward the well.

The Well is locked by three locks that are positioned in a triangle shape. In order to unlock them, you have to go back to one of the rooms where you can find the triangular puzzle on the wall.

You have to use the three symbols in the circles that are revealed by taking a photo of the triangular painting on the wall in the area where the first storage box is.

Once you take the picture you can notice that the symbols will appear at the circles from the triangular painting, and now go to the locks at the well where you have to rotate each of the locks in the same order for each symbol of the picture.

Green Safe

The safe code can be found by combining the notes from 2 notepads.

The first notepad is located at the rack in the bathroom.

The second notepad is located in a drawer of a brown table in the room with many clocks on the walls. You have to cut the lock in order to open the drawer.

In our case, the combination of the notepads is 5 Left, 5 Right, 3 Left.

Once you get the code, you can go and open the green safe.

Red Safe

After you finish the clock puzzle in the room with the clocks on the walls, you will get the combination in Luca’s notebook. Make sure to go from the biggest circle to the smallest one. The number of movements are the lines marked in red.

In our case, the combination to open the safe is 4 Left, 8 Right, and 3 Left.

Little Door

This little door is at the end of the game. During the game, you will obtain 4 different photos each with a number on it. You have to use those 4 numbers in the right order on the padlock to open it up and unlock the door.