Madden 23: How To Earn Coins And Get Good Cards

July 12, 2022
It won’t be difficult to earn coins and unlock new cards if you know the right way in Madden 23!

Madden 23 is finally coming this August with many new features and playing action. Players are already impatient to see the new version of the game. The coins in Madden play a very important role, and many players desire to have plenty of them to build their dream team.

This guide will show you How To Earn Coins And Get Good Cards in Madden 23!

Madden 23: How To Earn Coins And Get Good Cards

Player challenges and season games

If you want to get some of the valuable rewards, you can get coins if you enter a player challenge in the game. Once the players complete some of the challenges of different difficulty levels, they will be automatically rewarded accordingly, which means players will be granted even more coins if they choose a harder difficulty to play.

After you reach a certain level of achievement, you can get a higher amount of coins or even high-value gift packs.

Sell unwanted characters

This is a very good feature where you are able to sell the players that you don’t want in your team through auction and use the money to buy players that will be a better option for you and to strengthen your team’s performance.  

Help from friends

Having a good friend in Madden is always a good match. If some of your friends are not interested in playing the mode, you can get some freebies by simply logging in from time to time.

This might be a great opportunity to ask your friends if they want to purchase all your lower cards for all of their unneeded coins, because if they are not going to use the coins, they will be a such a waste.

Play online games

This is a really exciting way to earn coins. If you enjoy the thrill of playing against other people online, and you feel enough confident to compete the others, then this is the best choice for you. Rewards from playing online games are based on performance and winning.

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