Madden 23: How To Do A QB Slide

July 12, 2022
Check out this guide to perform a QB slide in Madden 23!

Madden 23 is an American football game based on the National Football League that includes features such as staff management, an enhanced scenario engine and a weekly strategy to create the most powerful roster possible. This guide will tell you how to QB Slide & Dive in the game.

Madden 23: How To Do A QB Slide

To Slide & Dive with your quarterback in Madden 23, you will need to hold R2 on your

Playstation controller or hold the right trigger to sprint with your quarterback out of the pocket.

For sliding and diving, you will need to hold down the dive button which is Square on the Playstation and X on the Xbox while PC players will need to press the E button on their keyboards.

That’s it, now you have successfully learnt how to slide and dive in Madden 23!

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