Lost Ark: Sasha Rapport Affection Rank Quest (Ultimate Guide)

Published: 17 Mar 2022
Time to make Sasha fall in love with you!

Rapport quests are relationship quests for many NPC’s in the game. An interesting quest with an NPC is Sasha. The quest is called Her Own Hero and is given by Sasha, who is an NPC located in the Town Hall in the Origins of Stern area of Arthetine. This interesting quest will make you end up together with Sasha and make love with her.

Sasha Rapport Affection Rank Quest Guide – Lost Ark

In order to begin the quest, you first must have all virtues above 310, meaning that you will need to have:

  • 310+ Wisdom
  • 310+ Courage
  • 310+ Charisma
  • 310+ Kindness

When all these virtues have been acquired, a pink quest will appear above Sasha, and you can start the “Her own Hero” rapport quest.

An important thing to note is that this quest chain will not be available if you don’t have Trusted Level 1 with Sasha. The relationship bar needs to be filled up 26000/26000.

Once the Her Own Hero quest has been accepted. Sasha will want you to deliver the Budget and Report to some people and a report delivered to Bastian in the Hall of Transcendence.

This quest will ensure that Sasha will like you even more and invite you to a private dinner at her place.

Once you finish giving the last report to Bastian. He will tell you that Sasha has been worried about a letter that she cannot find.

An area will be given to you to search for and find the letter. The hidden location for the letter can be found right next to the fallen painting in the same room where Sasha was.

The hidden letter will give Bastian a clue that Sasha may be kidnapped.

Your next step will be to go to the Underground Market in Origins of Stern, where you will need to talk with the Members of Iris, where you need to answer with the codename “D”.

From the Aris Member, you will gain a map that will lead you into the dungeon of Facility X-301.

After investigating the dungeon, Sasha will be found inside a robot suit, fighting enemies and looking for answers.

From there you will help Sasha interrogate the prisoners and steal their data.

In order to continue this questline, you must head back to the town hall in the Origins of Stern and speak with Bastian. He will continue the “Her own Hero” quest.

You will need to go to the storyline area of the Town Hall and speak with Sasha where you will finish the story quest.

A small cut-scene will appear where Sasha moves in for a kiss. Making the whole press furious and start asking questions and taking pictures.

The quest will take place at Arid Path and you will be informed that it may be the last time you see Sasha, where you may lose track of the “Her own Hero” quest.

To continue the quest, simply sail over to Peyto where Sasha will be waiting for you to finish your journey.

The next cut-scene will show how you and Sasha are having a great time on Peyto, and end the night together by making love.

After the cut-scene, you will get one last quest from Sasha which will award you with a signed portrait of her that you can keep.