Lost Ark: Nose for News Quest Guide

Published: 17 Mar 2022
Time to dig deeper and become the Nose for News.

The Nose for News is a chain tutorial quest in Lost Ark that grants you a lot of Honing materials once finished. This quest begins in the Arthetine continent at the Origins of Stern area. A rather difficult quest for some people because you will be needed to find a sneaky path to an NPC, using an item.

This guide will show you how to successfully finish the Nose for News quest in Lost Ark.

Nose for News Quest Guide – Lost Ark

To start this quest, you will need to speak with Editor-In-Chief Phillan Kaiman. This NPC Can be found in the Business District area in the Origins of Stern.

He will send you on a mission to investigate a situation in Nebelhorn, which is also in the Arthetine continent. There you will need to speak with Lab Director Yulia to gather more information about the bomb case.

Once you have gathered information from Yulia, you will need to go on the northwest side of the map to look for clues about the Oasis Water Temperature.

You will investigate a total of 3 spots in that area. Right after the investigation, you will receive a Magic Flow Detector, this item will be used to follow the suspicious presence in the area.

This is the difficult part of the quest. You are not shown where exactly you need to point the item, you are just given an area and you need to look.

The first area to look for is right near some bones.

After the first area is revealed, a new area will appear on the map where you also need to follow the path on 4 more areas.

The first area is right next to a tree with red leaves.

The second area is located just north of the first one, next to some bushes.

The third area will be just around the second area, located next to a palm tree.

And the fourth and final tricky area of this location is just under the third one, next to some bushes and the palm tree.

After you have revealed all four areas, you will notice that nothing has changed. In order to fix this problem, you will be needed to head north right next to a waterfall, and investigate another area.

This action will continue your quest progress and switch its location at the waterfall. Simply investigate the same area one more time and the progress for investigating all the areas will be finished.

Once you do that, a Suspicious Tech Branch Employee NPC will spawn to where you can continue the quest. From there you will be asked some questions. And you will need to interrogate the NPC in the circled area, by writing /interrogate in the chat.

Once you scare him and get information from the NPC, you will be needed to head back to Yulia in the Nebelhorn Lab and tell her what you found out. From there you will be needed to call journalist Mathias through the Communicator.

Your last mission will be to return to the Origins of Stern and enter the Town Hall. There you will meet with Sasha and finish your quest.