Lost Ark: Naruni Island all Mokoko Seed Locations

February 19, 2022
The Naruni Island is filled with hidden locations, even for Mokoko Seeds.

The Mokoko seeds are a collection that can be found all over the islands in Lost Ark, they are hidden all over the map so players have a difficult but rather fun time looking for them. Discovering hidden areas that you have passed many times is always fun and a great experience while playing the game!

This guide will show you all the Naruni Island Mokoko Seed Location in Lost Ark.

Naruni Island all Mokoko Seed Locations – Lost Ark

  1. Location (Seed 1)

The first location of the seed is located on the top North western inner end of the map, where you are needed to climb a wall with vines and go behind a big rock where you shall find the hidden Mokoko Seed.

  1. Location (Seed 2 & 3)

These two seeds are located on the southern side of the map, here you are needed to climb two walls and once you reach the top, the two seeds will be standing there on the ground waiting for you to pick them up.

  1. Location (Seed 4)

The location of this seed is on the middle part of the map and can be easily found, it’s located right next to some tree roots, lying in some purple grass.

  1. Location (Seed 5)

This seed is also located in the middle part of the map, a bit north from the fourth seed. Once you get there, look over to a standing broken log and you should locate the seed and collect it.

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