Lost Ark Anytime Anywhere (Quest)

The Anytime Anywhere quest in Lost Ark requires you to collect three pieces of information about prisoners for Nison.

A lot of players get confused while doing this quest since the game doesn’t tell you where to find and collect information about these prisoners. So in this guide, we will tell details you need to know in order to complete the quest.

Anytime Anywhere – Lost Ark

First, to get information about the prisoners, you will need to visit the slave mark located in east Kalthertz. After you reach there, you will need to pay to liberate these prisoners to get the information required. Since these slaves vary according to their prices, we recommend you to stay in the range of 300 and below. The game allows you to release upto five prisoners in a single day.

Check the game inbox at Mail Carrier Troy once you are done freeing the prisoners. Look for chests called Letter of Gratitude. These chests include all types of rewards that may or may not contain the information about the prisoners you are looking for.

Now, this is where the quest becomes complicated, not all the prisoners you are going to release will provide you with the information required. Therefore, if you don’t get the three pieces of the required information, you need to repeat the entire process the next day (real-world tomorrow).

This is the only way you can complete the Anytime Anywhere quest in the game. It is also the reason why you need to keep the costs of freeing the prisoners low because the game doesn’t tell you how many people you need to purchase the freedom of. This is a poorly executed quest design by the developers of the game.

So basically you need to visit the slave market in Kalthertz and free five prisoners daily until you have the information required. Visit the postman to check if you received the required items or not. Once you get all three pieces of intel, the quest will be completed.

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