Lost Ark: All Ankumo Mountain Mokoko Seed Locations

March 15, 2022
Check out this guide to collect all the Mokoko seeds in Ankumo Mountain!

There are many collectable items that players will come across during their journey in Lost Ark.One such collectable item is the Mokoko seeds that are scattered all across the game’s map. In this guide, we will tell you the location of all the Mokoko seeds that you can collect in the Ankumo Mountain region.

The Ankumo Mountain region is located in the Retharmis continent of the game. There are a total of 5 Mokoko seeds that can be collected in this region

Ankumo Mountain Mokoko Seed Locations

The first seed can be found in the Old Cathedral Ruins area next to the entrance of the ruins. You will find the seed on the right side of the wall near some rocks

The second seed is located in the Sacred Springs area. Here you will find the seed near two large trees with some rocks next to it.

The third seed can be found in the Border Watch area. You will be able to find the seed in the middle of the monster nests next to the spider egg after defeating some enemies.

The fourth seed is located in the Border Watch area near the Rethrams border. You will find the seed next to sick people surrounded by green smoke.

Finally, the fifth seed can be found west of the Ankumo Bivouac area. Head along through the gap in the fence and you will be able to collect the seed next to the base of the watch tower.

That’s it, you have successfully collected all the seeds found in the Ankumo Mountain area.Now trade them in exchange for some cool rewards!