Lies of P | Parade Master Boss Fight Guide

June 26, 2023
Follow this guide to learn how to defeat the Parade Master in Lies of P!

As you explore the mysterious town of Kirat, you will need to defeat all sorts of dangerous enemies and bosses on your way. The first boss encounters that you will face is the Parade Master in the Krat Central station area of the game.

This guide will tell you how to defeat the Parade Master in the game.

Parade Master Boss Fight Guide

The Parade Master as the name suggests is a giant puppet with a dustbin-shaped cage attached to his back. He is the first formidable foe that you will face in the game and defeating him is a bit of a challenge as he has two different attack phases.

During the first half of the battle, he will move quickly and slam his hands onto the ground so maintaining a distance can be a bit difficult at times. However, the moves are fairly easy to predict once you learn his attack patterns and the only thing you need to worry about are the dodge/parry timings.

Be prepared to hit the guard button early rather than late as it will allow you to mitigate some of the damage and recover some health. If you block damage then you can recover the chip damage by performing a counter-attack within a certain amount of time.

There are mainly three to four types of attack that he will use in the first phase which include the belly flop, dash, one-handed attack and double-handed attack. You only get a short time to perform an attack since he is really aggressive and will try to continuously attack forcing you to resort to dodges and counterattack most of the time.

The only chance you get to perform an attack is when the Parade Master performs a Belly Flop and needs some time to stand up again. This is a great opportunity to inflict a lot of damage as you won’t get much leeway in the second phase of the battle.

It is best to stick towards the left in the first phase as it will help you avoid the right arm thrust attacks. Do note that the boss will perform a reset animation in the second phase so don’t get too habitual of staying on the left side otherwise, you will be vulnerable to his attacks.

The second phase begins when the Parade Master’s HP bar is down to 60% and he becomes more aggressive and difficult with his new long-range attacks. If you manage to reduce a large chunk of his health, his body will start glowing red meaning that he is now vulnerable.

This is the perfect window to perform a charge-heavy attack and take a large chunk of his health away. With less than half the health remaining, the Parade Master will drop the cage from his back while tearing his head and attaching it to a stick to create a new weapon.

It is highly advisable that you repair your weapon at the beginning of the second phase or carry two weapons. The second phase is much more difficult as he performs longer attack combos that are hard to evade.

One of the best ways to attack him in this phase is after an overhead slam when he will back up and charge towards you with a glowing red attack. During this attack animation, you can easily manage to get 2-3 hits and reduce its health.

Avoid staying on the left in the second phase and rotate towards the right if you don’t wish to get caught in its radar. Once you manage to defeat him, you will be rewarded with Parade Leader’s Ergo, a Quartz and 1852 Ergo for your efforts.

That’s it, now go ahead and beat the Parade Master in the game!

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