Lies Of P | All Weapons And Outfits List

June 14, 2023
Check out all the available outfits and weapons in Lies of P.

Lies of P is a soul-like game that puts you in the shoes of Pinocchio, a puppet caught in the web of lies among monsters and untrustworthy figures. As you fight your way through the spooky town of Kirat, you will need to use all sorts of weapons at your disposal to survive on your journey.

This guide will tell you the list of all the weapons and outfits available in Lies of P.

All Weapons And Outfits List

The game currently features two different types of weapons: Blades and Handles. Each weapon has its own Blade and Handle with unique characteristics allowing you to mix and match them to obtain unique weapons.

You can also break and reassemble them to form a completely new weapon that includes the strengths of the Blade and Handles.

The type of Blade you are using will determine the attack and guard statistics of your characters while also affecting the primary Fable Art.

The shape of your weapon will also be based on the blade you choose. On the other hand, the handle of your weapon will affect the moveset, and stat scaling and determine the secondary Fable Art

Here is the complete list of all the Blades and Handles available in the game:

Puppet’s Saber BladePuppet’s Saber Handle
Wintry Rapier’s BladeWintry Rapier’s Handle
Greatsword of Fate BladeGreatsword of Fate Handle
Electric Coil Stick HeadElectric Coil Stick Handle
Krat Police Baton HeadKrat Police Baton Handle

If you are looking forward to slaying your enemies in style then it’s important to unlock all the outfits in the game. While they do not affect your character’s stats or add any buffs, they certainly make him look more stylish and appealing.

You can change the costume at any point in time by accessing the equipment section in the main menu. Below is the list of all the outfits available in the demo version of the game:

  • White Shirt
  • Someone’s Memory
  • Mad Donkey’s Hunting Apparel

That’s it, these are all the weapons and outfits that you can expect in the game!