Liben the Merchant Location: Genshin Impact

May 5, 2022
Let’s find Liben The Merchant Location in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact is bringing back the Marvelous Merchandise event for all the players that missed it. Liben is returning to Mondstadt offering trades every day from inside the doors of the city. All the travelers that have Adventure Rank 12 or higher can find Liben in the city and exchange items that he requests to get plentiful rewards every day.

In this guide, we will show you the Location of Liben The Merchant in Genshin Impact!

Liben the Merchant Location: Genshin Impact

Knowing from the last time when the event was active, all players can easily make a consideration about where Liben will appear during this event.

He is actually located in Mondstadt, and finding him there is the most likely possibility when this event started.

Once you find Liben, it will be only the first part of the event, and players have to provide him with the daily requests he asks to exchange amazing rewards with you.

He will ask for different items from across the world, and with the addition of Inazuma, Liben may ask you for even more specialties like Onikabuto or Dendrobiums.