Lemnis Gate: Does It Have Crossplay & How To Play It?

September 30, 2021
Lemnis Gate is finally out and it is one of the more unique titles to be released in 2021. But all things aren’t great…

Specifically, players are frustrated about the whole multiplayer system. It is highly unconventional compared to other similar caliber titles, and playing crossplay might be a big issue for some. Most players aren’t even aware if there is crossplay at all in Lemnis Gate, nor how to play it. We’ll tackle both of those questions below!

Does Lemnis Gate Have Crossplay?

Even before the launch, players were weary on whether there will be cross-platform support. Mainly due to the fact that this game was set to release on every major platform, but the publishers aren’t really well-known in the industry.

And, making a game available on all major platforms with crossplay support is very challenging. BUT I’m delighted to say, Lemnis Gate has full crossplay capabilities.

Players can play crossplay on the following platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Officially, the game isn’t available on Mac or Linux, but it can be played through Wine. An emulator for Mac and Linux users.

How To Play Lemnis Gate Crossplay?

Like I mentioned before, this game has one of the most unusual matchmaking or multiplayer systems integrated to a game. It is even more complicated playing co-op in MADNESS: Project Nexus, which is quite an achievement.

Anyways, the way to do it is by using the match code field before a match.

What you need to do is go to matchmaking, type in a random code in the input field, and both players should have the same code, on the same game mode, and you should enter a game together.

This is very unusual, but I’m suspecting that this will be improved upon or updated due to the frustration that the community is sharing with the developers daily. So, until then, input the same code on the same game mode, at the same time, and you should be good to go to play Lemnis Gate crossplay!