LEGO Bricktales: Queen’s Cat Location – Where To Find Miw For Cleocatra

February 9, 2023
Help Cleocatra find her cat in Lego Bricktales!

Lego Bricktales  is a puzzle game that uses an intuitive brick-by-brick building for problem solving and building wonderful creations. In this game, you’re a brick person trying to prevent a theme park from shutting down indefinitely. This theme park is where your grandfather lives in and he asks you for help to save it by going across its different biomes and collecting the Happiness Crystals that power the park and its attractions. You can encounter inhabitants in need of your help, like Cleocatra who is looking for her cat.

Here’s where to find Cleocatra’s cat in Lego Brick Tales!

Queen’s Cat Location – Where to Find Miw for Cleocatra – LEGO Bricktales

In the Egypt area of the theme park, you will bump into Cleocatra. She’s very worried and is looking for her lost cat, Miw. She asks you if you can help her find Miw and that starts the quest.

After talking to Cleocatra, head to the right and go up the stairs. Pass through the rooms and keep going west until you encounter a Catnip Merchant at a bazaar. He will give you a Storage Key that you can use on a gate to the north.

Lots of cats will be present in this room, so finding Miw might be more difficult than expected. There will be brown and white cats but none of them are the one you are looking for.

If you use your skill however, you will notice a small invisible cat in the center, that’s Miw!

Looks like Miw wasn’t lost, the mischievous little tyke has been busy with some catnip!

You can interact with him to collect him. Now you can take Miw back to Queen Cleocatra and finish the quest!