LEGO Bricktales: All Medieval Puzzles Solutions

LEGO Bricktales is a puzzle adventure set in the LEGO universe where you need to build unique structures using the bricks given to you and solve quests to progress further. It is a fun and interesting puzzle-based game that tests your skills as you bring your creations to life brick by brick.

In the Medieval level of the game, you will come across knights, dragons and wizards each of them posing unique challenges and puzzles that you need to solve by showcasing your creativity.

This guide will tell you the solutions to all the Medieval Puzzles in the game.

All Medieval Puzzles Solutions – LEGO Bricktales

There are a total of 10 puzzles that you need to solve in this level and some of them are complex while others are relatively easy.

Build a container on the cart to transport coal

The first puzzle requires you to create a coal cart for the Char Burner to transport coal to the Blacksmith since her cart is broken.

Your goal is to create a cart that can transport the coal and then dump it after reaching the destination.

Start by creating the base of the cart by placing the four inverted wedge bricks. Now create a boundary around it to store the coal using small and large rectangular bricks.

Next, you need to create a slope using three white bricks so you dump the coal easily when you reach the destination. This will complete the construction of the cart and solve the first puzzle.

Build a nice medieval stone bridge

The second puzzle requires you to construct a bridge to reach the Dragon’s Lair and making it is fairly simple.

First, you need to create the two arches for the bridge using the four curved pieces.

Next, you need to use the small square pieces to create the base of the bridge.

Now use the four square pieces and four thin plates to create a small road in the middle of the bridge.

This will solve the puzzle and allow you to travel through it

Build a sitting perch for the wizard’s pet bird

The third puzzle is perhaps the most difficult one as it involves creating a perch for a giant bird owned by the wizard. First, you need to connect the brown wedge to the brown tile attached to the ceiling.

Now grab the four small legs and place them on top of one another so you can attach them to the brown wedge. You also need to attach two small legs to it.

Attach the small rectangular tiles to each other as shown above.

Place the bird on top of the Perch and you are good to go. The third puzzle is now complete.

Build a well for the bailey

Since the Well Builder is sick and people are thirsty, you will need to create a functional well so people can drink their water.

First, you need to place the four small bricks on top of one another in the innermost tile.

Grab the bucket and rotate it to place it on top of the two bricks. This will provide you with a simple yet functional well that is easy to create.

Build a fence for the chickens

The chicken keeper wants to create an enclosure to prevent her chickens from running away so it’s time for you to showcase your creativity and make a fence.

First, you need to place the four small cylindrical bricks in the layout shown above.

Now grab those two rectangular slabs and place them on top of those little cylinders. This simple enclosure will prevent those chickens from running away and solve the puzzle.

Build a balcony for the minstrel’s lady

This Minstrel wants you to create a balcony for his lady living in the castle so he can sing songs praising her all day.

First, you need to place all the wedge-shaped tiles so you can create the base of the balcony.

Next, use the large rectangle-shaped tiles and place them on the wedges to create a platform.

Place the little cylindrical shaped tiles in the four corners and then attach the small square-shaped tiles on top of them.

Now attach the large silver-coloured tile on top of them and use the wedge-shaped tiles on both sides to create a boundary.

Place two more cylindrical tiles in the middle and attach the wedge tiles on top of them. Cover them with the small rectangle tile to complete the boundary.

This will solve the puzzle and the construction of the balcony.

Design a wall segment with crenellations for the castle’s walls

After talking to the Academic Architect, you will need to design a wall segment with crenellation for the walls of the castle.

This one is fairly simple as you just need to place the grey and silver colored in the pattern shown above.

Build a fancy throne for the king

It is time for you to construct a throne for the King after being requested by the Jester.

First, you need to grab the tile on the right to create the base and then attach the two inverse L-shaped tiles to create the tower.

Attach the two antlers to the pillars and then connect the golden poles on top of it.

Now place the crown on top as well as the King’s model to complete the puzzle.

Create a glorious statue scene in the King’s honor

To honour the king, you will need to create a magnificent statue. First place the Dragon on the left, the king in the middle and the treasure chest on the right.

Now use the large bricks to add a boundary wall to the statue and place more coins in front of the treasure. The statue is now complete thus solving the puzzle.

Build a solid and sightly banquet table

Last but not least is creating a good banquet table to host the feast. Place the small pillar-like bricks on all four corners of the table.

Place the two archways on both sides of the table so you can lay down the base.

Next, you need to place the large rectangular strips to form the base of the table.

Place the large square-shaped tiles in the middle of the table.

Next, you need to attach the small rectangular strips to both sides of the table.

Now connect the brown tiles below the base to give a finishing touch to your table. Once you are done, click simulate and the puzzle will be solved.

That’s it, you have successfully solved all the puzzles in the Medieval level!

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