LEGO Bricktales: All City Puzzles Solutions

LEGO Bricktales is a puzzle adventure set in the LEGO universe where you need to build unique structures using the bricks given to you and solve quests to progress further. It is a fun and interesting puzzle-based game that tests your skills as you bring your creations to life brick by brick.

The city level has some of the most complex constructions in the game as you try to solve different puzzles by trying to fight against an invasion of robots from another dimension. The level of difficulty is similar to the Desert level and you will need to showcase your creativity to solve all 11 puzzles

This guide will tell you how to solve all the puzzles in the city level of the game.

All City Puzzles Solutions – LEGO Bricktales

Rearrange those bricks so you can get where you want

The first puzzle requires you to rearrange some bricks you can rebuild a rainbow wall full of multicoloured bricks. To get started, take out all the bricks so you can recreate the entire wall from scratch. Do note that you can only climb one brick at a time and each brick should be attached to the red-coloured base.

Use the purple bricks to create the base of the wall and create the rest of the wall according to your liking. It doesn’t matter how the wall looks as long as you can reach the blue flag on the right platform.

Build a fire escape staircase

This is the most difficult puzzle in the city level and you need to be very careful because a single error can render your hard work unusable.

Place the three support pillars on the left as shown for the base of the staircase.

Now create another pillar on the right and a small base in the middle to connect the top part of the stairs. Use the smaller white bricks to attach the staircase to the wall on the left.

Add another staircase and attach the bottom part to the white bricks placed near the wall.

Use the set of white bricks to create another base and then attach another staircase to it.

Attach the square white bricks to the third staircase to create another base and then connect the last staircase to it.

Place the last set of white bricks to connect the staircase to the platform and the puzzle will be solved.

Build a small car

The third puzzle requires you to create a small car and you can start by attaching the four wheels to each corner of the base.

Next, attach the two yellow-coloured plates in the middle and place the motor in the front of the car.

Finally, add the steering and place the robot to complete the car.

Repair the transformer unit

The next puzzle requires you to repair the transformer by copying the replica model.

Start by placing the yellow-coloured part on the left and the part with a circle in the middle next to it.

Add the shaft structure on top of the motor and add the structure with the ladder as well as attach the pipes to it.

Attach the two antenna-like structures on top and then place the control panel.

Finally, add the grey brick next to it and place the two yellow covers to complete the puzzle.

Build a switchgear setup for the substation

Start by adding the inverted wedges on both sides of the substation and place the white strip in the middle.

Next place the control panel in the middle and add the two little grey bricks on both sides of the panel.

Now add the white bricks on both sides as well as in the middle to create a layer as shown above.

Add three wedges on top of this layer and then connect the three little grey bricks on top of them.

Finally, place the three pillars on top of those wedges and the puzzle will be solved.

Build a drone to scout the area

First, you need to attach the two rotor wings on both sides of the base.

Next, add the green coloured brick in the middle and place a little grey brick to cover it. Attach the headlight in the front and connect the antenna to the top to complete the puzzle.

Repair the street and build a stable bridge pillar to support it

Start by creating the foundation of the bridge by placing the two little grey bricks in the middle and then attaching the inverted wedge-shaped bricks to them.

Place the final grey brick in the middle to complete the base.

Next, you need to add the four grey stripes on both sides of the base.

Finally, Attach the two blocks of the road and the puzzle will be solved.

Build a jib and a counterweight for the crane

First, you need to add the large yellow brick on top of the pillar and then attach the long yellow strip below it along with a square blue brick on top of it.

Next, add the two yellow bricks with holes in them and attach a blue-coloured part that connects to the rope of the crane.

Place a small yellow brick to fill the gap and add a large yellow brick on top of the yellow brick on the right.

Add another yellow block below the one floating in the air and place two perforated stripes of yellow bricks next on top of the blue brick.

Finally, add a blue brick next to the yellow brick and then place some more yellow bricks above and below the blue brick to complete the puzzle.

Build a walkway to reach all locations

Start by placing a blue coloured wedge on top of the base to create a pillar and then attach the blue platform on top of it. Place the grey-coloured stairs on the platform.

Attach the blue platform to the second platform and then place the stairs on top of it along with the inverted wedge. Add two blue platforms on top of the wedge to complete the walkway.

Next place the little grey cylindrical bricks on top of the second base to create a pillar and connect it to the third platform using the large blue bricks.

Add another blue platform on top of the cylindrical bricks and place two staircases as shown above.

Use another set of stairs and rectangular blue bricks to attach the walkway to the last platform and the puzzle will be complete.

Build a scaffolding with all the speakers mounted on it

Start by placing the pipe on the right side of the base and then attach the two speakers on both sides of the pipe.

Add another pipe on top and connect two more speakers to it.

Next, add two pipes and attach two speakers to them. Repeat it again and the puzzle will be complete.

That’s it, you have successfully completed all the puzzles in the city level of the game!

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