LEGO Bricktales: All Caribbean Puzzles Solutions

October 14, 2022
Help the pirates in the Caribbean world using your expert LEGO engineering skills!

LEGO Bricktales is a kid-friendly adventure puzzle game that throws players into many fantasy worlds where they would have to build various LEGO structures to solve its many puzzles. It employs an intuitive brick-by-brick building mechanic that makes you genuinely feel like you are building the LEGO pieces yourself. Truly, this game fulfills the dream of kids (even adults) who are fond of LEGO bricks.

The fifth world of the game is a Caribbean island inhabited by several peculiar pirates. Much like the other worlds in the game, this one also has a lot of problems you’d need to solve using your expert LEGO building skills.

In this guide, we will be showing you how you solve all the puzzles at the Caribbean level.

All Caribbean Puzzles Solutions – LEGO Bricktales

This game promotes experimentation and player creativity. This means that every puzzle can be solved in a variety of ways. Nevertheless, below is what we believe is the optimal way how to approach them.

The Pig Cart

Start building the wagon by placing both of the largest pieces on the base and connecting them to the pigs themselves using smooth, rounded pieces.

Place four of the smaller thin plates to the underside of the cart in a way that each has two pegs extending toward the build’s rear. Pay attention to the cargo area, it should be clear.

Now stack a pair of four-peg bricks on the rearmost part of the wagon to place a backstop. Add a plate between it and the center part of the wagon to even it out.

Stack bricks on the remaining sides of the cart to fully surround the cargo area. Keep the center of the cargo empty.

Then, fill the gap in the backstop with two-by-four plates to even out the wagon’s walls. Your build should now resemble a wagon. You may also want to cover the top of the cart walls with smooth plates to give it a finished look.

Run your simulation now, your cart should hold all the coconuts without any problems.

The Raft

To build the raft, start off by connecting the two logs with thin brown pieces at each end. Take note that the pieces will touch the logs, but won’t necessarily connect on them until you put something above them or below.

Use all the light-brown three-pegged plates that you have to build the support of your raft. Again, they won’t connect just yet.

Now use the longest plates given to you to connect the support pieces perpendicularly. Also, use the dark-brown three-pegged plates to connect them from the top.

Place the sail and the test robot wherever you want on top of your raft. Your raft is basically finished by now. All that is left is to decorate – if you like doing so. As long as the top of the raft is entirely covered, you are good to go with it.

The Fishing Pier

Start by placing two two-by-four plates on the first circular pillar. Use some connectors to add another plate extending toward the shore. Place the fourth plate at the dock’s starting point.

Continue using plates and connectors to extend your pier and hold everything together.

Just before the next circular pillar, where you have to build the wider dock, place two inverted wedges underneath to connect the next set of pieces you would use.

Place a long plate on the far pillar, then put some corner plates on the inverted wedges you used earlier.

Now cross the plate with a pair of connectors, then hang corner pieces under the sides curving back towards the shore.

Place another set of connectors over the newest corner pieces. This makes it so that you can hang plates underneath them to complete the basic dock structure.

Cover the middle path with plates to even out the surface and connect the plates underneath. Make sure that you have the space to extend platforms on the sides to conveniently place the umbrella and tackle box.

Caribbean Bridge

Start building the bridge by using long rectangular plates on the two platforms the bridge should give you access to. Use a shorter rectangular piece on the high platform.

Place some stairs connecting the top platform to the starting point. Just make sure that it connects with the plates you placed just a while ago. Leave it there for now.

Use the pieces you got now to connect the starting platform to the one that has a blue flag (the lower one). Give your bridge some support underneath.

Now, strengthen your stairs by placing support pieces underneath them. Your stairs wouldn’t hold up without it.

Your bridge, albeit simple, is practically done. Press the simulate button to try if your bridge works.

The Parrot Perch

Start building the foundation of your parrot perch by placing the brown wedges given to you straight down the anchor. Place thin red pieces after each wedge to connect them.

After building two levels, use a larger red rectangular piece to finish the foundation of your parrot perch. Add some space on the back of the build by using other pieces available to you.

All you have to do now is to place the perches of the parrots at the base of your build. Place two parrots on each side.

Take note that this is an efficient build for the perch, you can build one that is more grandiose if you like.

Lookout Tower Stairs

This one is pretty straightforward. Start by placing your stairs on the side. At the final build, your stairs should climb up the Lookout Tower by rotating on it snuggly.

Just continue building upwards using the pieces available to you. When at the edge of the platform based on the foundation below, use a corner piece to turn your stairs’ direction.

Continue placing pieces to build the stairs even more upwards until you reach the edge again. Use another corner piece to turn for the second time.

Do the same thing you have already been doing. Once you reach the side of the top structure, use yet another corner to piece to turn your stairs for the third time. Just a bit more and you are done.

Place some more pieces until you are at the very side of the top platform. Use the last corner piece to directly connect your stairs to it.

Now press the simulate button. The robot should now be able to make its way to the top of the Lookout Tower.

Rainwater Collector

This one could get a bit tricky. To build the Rainwater Collector, the first thing you need to do is to put the two pairs of pillars on the side of the collector. Make them symmetrical on each side.

Now build on top of the pillars you placed using the large square, brown pieces you got. After that, place two blue corner pieces that have a slide in the middle on each side. The way you place them should resemble a large square where its slides all point to the collector in the middle.

Finish off the square using the smaller blue pieces. After that, place some stoppers on the sides of the large blue square you created. These are small two-by-two sliding pieces.

Build your collector now upwards on each side using the blue pieces given. Then, even the structure out by placing brown pieces at each end. Your build should now look like this.

Put on some more blue slide pieces to make sure that your build catches all the rainwater it can. Once you’re done, press the simulate button to see if your structure works.

Cargo Lift

To build the Cargo Lift, start by placing long rectangular pieces on the bottom and around the lift itself.

This should serve as your build’s foundation pieces.

Build a platform beneath the lift now by placing some more rectangular pieces. Use the shorter ones to make it more even out.

Once you have a solid platform underneath the lift, place the barrels wherever you want, just make sure that it does not block the lever in the middle so that the lift would work.

After that, just press the simulate button. Your build should hold the barrels without breaking apart.


This is the final challenge of the Caribbean world. To start, place a pair of the rounder brown pieces side-by-side on the base plate. Attach one of the irregular gray pieces to each side, with the black part facing the end goal.

Place one of the flat gray pieces at the center to hold everything together. Build this specific structure four more times, with each stacking the other.

Say that your structure falls forward. It should be tall enough that it reaches the platform where you need to be.

Place the next set of rounded pieces as you normally would, but only cover the top with a pair of small flat plates.

Now place the two triangular pieces at the very top of the build, with the slanted edges facing the platform with the flag.

Run the simulation now. The gangplank should hold together after it lands, allowing the test robot to cross safely.