Keplerth: How to Tame Animals

Published: 1 Jun 2022
Learn how to tame animals and monsters in Keplerth!

Keplerth is a 2D survival sandbox game where you need to survive on an alien planet while collecting resources to protect yourself against dangerous creatures inhabited there. This guide will tell you how to tame an animal in the game.

Keplerth: How to Tame Animals

In order to tame an animal, you will first need a pet collar which can be sometimes obtained by looting the goblins but most of the time you will need a Goblin Workbench to craft it.

The Goblin Workbench can be obtained by killing the Goblin King living underground on levels 1 to 4. After you manage to collect it, head over to Schip’s Lab and he will tell you how to craft the Goblin Workbench.

Once you have the Goblin Workbench, you will require 5 Bones, 4 Leather and 2 Wool in order to craft a Pet Collar. This Pet Collar will then be added to your inventory and you will be able to use it on any animal or monster which can be tamed.

Every creature that you come across in the game will have a certain tameable percentage which will indicate the chances of whether it can be tamed or not so you might need to craft various pet collars before you manage to tame an animal.

It is important to note that every animal in the game can be tamed but not every monster will be tameable so don’t expect it to become your personal pet.

While you can mount every pet that you tame in the game, don’t expect each one of them to assist you during combat. Every creature will have its unique strengths and weakness so choose your pet carefully.

That’s it, now go ahead and befriend an animal or monster to him your pet!