JcStani Valorant Settings

Published: 3 May 2022
Check out JcStani’s Valorant Settings!

JcStani is an eSports competition player in Valorant, a high-quality player with great shooting performance and has won first place in the Community Gaming Valorant Elite Showdown. Some players can use his settings and see how it feels to play with them. Sometimes it can help and make you perform better in matches.

This guide will show you the Valorant settings for JcStani.

JcStani Valorant Settings

JcStani uses a Zowie ZA11 – Black Gaming mouse with a sensitivity of 0.35.

The keyboard that he uses is the Leopold FC750R PD Black English.

With the standard default Valorant controls.

As a Mouse Pad, he uses his Logitech G640 that only is covered below the mouse and keeps the keyboard free.

For movement hearing, jcStani uses the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headset. The footstep settings are set to his highest volume and he prefers it as it can give you a great stereo sound of where other players may be.