Is Discord Voice Available On The Xbox Console?

September 16, 2022
Is Discord available on the Xbox console? Click here to find out!

Discord is the most popular and preferred communication app used by gamers across different platforms such as PC, Playstation and Mobile. However, players using Microsoft’s Xbox console often feel left out as they wonder whether Discord can be used on their console or not. It’s time to put an end to this age-old question and answer all your doubts regarding Discord’s availability on the console.

This article will tell you whether Discord Voice is available for Xbox players or not.

Is Discord Voice Available On The Xbox Console?

Yes, Discord Voice is finally available for players using Microsoft’s Xbox console as the developers of the Discord application have announced that the voice chat feature is now rolling out to all the users on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

The feature was initially available as a part of the Insider beta test that started in July and is now available for all users. You cannot directly join a call from your console and you need to use your mobile device or PC to start the call and then head over to the Xbox app to transfer it.

In order to transfer the call, you will first need to link your Xbox account to the Discord server.

To do this, go to the Settings app and then select the Account section.

Click on the Linked Social Accounts option and you will be able to link your Xbox account to the Discord account by pressing the Link button.

Here you have two options: scan the QR code on your mobile to sign in or continue on Console.

You can log in to the Discord app by scanning the QR code on your mobile or use the Continue on Console option to log in directly from your console using Microsoft Edge.

After logging in, scroll down and click on Authorize to connect your Discord account to the Xbox server.

Wait for the process to complete and both of your accounts will be linked to each other.

You can now start a voice call on your desktop or mobile device and select the Transfer to Xbox option to continue the call with your friends on the console.

It will take you to the Xbox app where you need to select the Transfer Voice option to confirm the transfer process.

The call will be transferred to your console where you can mute your mic, deafen your friends, enable or disable the overlay and switch to game chat.

However, there are some restrictions as you cannot merge your Discord and Xbox friends into the same chat and in case you invite an Xbox friend, it will turn into a normal Xbox party.

While the process might be lengthy and complicated, it’s well worth the hassle if you want the ease of communicating with your friends on the console irrespective of the platform they use.

That’s it, now go ahead and use Discord voice to chat with your friends!