Iridory Poetry Part 2 Quest Guide: Genshin Impact

April 8, 2022
Time to finish the second part of the Irodori Poetry!

Lenne is busy writing a new poem and appears to need your help once again. Your duty is to go through the lands and find unique areas with beautiful scenery. Grab your camera and begin the adventure of taking 4 unique photos. You will need to place your camera at a certain angle at the proper time.

This guide will help you complete the Irodori Poetry Part 2 quest in Genshin Impact.

Iridory Poetry Part 2 Quest Guide: Genshin Impact

The quest will begin with you going to Ootomo and talking with him. You must have the timer set from 08:00 – 12:00 in order to speak with Ootomo. That is when he is available.

Ootomo will be located in the Ritou village.

When you speak with the NPC, you will be given a task to take pictures of animals found in Inazuma, you will get inspirational material with these photos.

The first picture can be found on the north side of Watatsumi Island. As you begin to walk on the beach of the island, you will spot a blue Flamingo sitting in the water.

Position your camera perfectly where you can take a shot of the flamingo and you will obtain the first photo.

Continue to walk west on the beach until you stumble upon 2 red snakes whose heads are above the water, at the edge of the beach.

The next photo to take will be on the path between the Byakko Plain and the Inazuma City. As you follow the road, you will find the next picture on the side where there is grass.

The animal that you want to look for is an orange fox with a white body. Align your camera towards the fox and when the circle appears, take the shot.

The last photo will be located at Seirai Island. You will need to go to the smaller island on the west side of the Seirai Island which is called Asase Shrine.

When you get to a small wooden building, you will also see a small pond with a lot of cats around.

The main cat to take a picture of, is the gray cat that is sitting down on a rock and chilling with some other kittens.