Inside the Backrooms: Level Two Guide

December 22, 2022
Let’s see how we can complete level 2 in Inside The Backrooms.

Inside the Backrooms is a horror puzzle game that will require you to go through a series of puzzles and explore new areas to make sure you find the correct exit and get out of this trapped place. It will be tough as there are monsters in this retched area that will try to kill you.

In this guide, you will see how you can complete level two of Inside the Backrooms.

Level Two Guide

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Floor 2 introduces the parking garage. You will unlock this area when you jump in the giant hole that was previously in level one.

The main objective in this level is to make sure you escape the door that can be found at the very end of the parking garage.

Roam around the garage where you will find pipe wheels which will disable the toxic air flow through the pipes.

Do be careful when you turn off the pipes as you will turn some attention to the red human looking creature that was crouched in the garage.

Once all pipes are turned off and the air flow is shut. Try to make your way to the dead corpse where the red monster was at.

There you will find a key card and some almond water.

Make sure to refill your stamina and use any sorts of speed boosts to avoid the enemy whenever you unlock the door with the card.

Run past the hallway until you make it to a bigger room where a red button can be found. Press that red button to close a gate which will prevent the red enemy from getting to you.

Continue going forward until you enter an elevator. At the end of the elevator, you will see a note. On the note itself will be a code that is used to unlock the elevator. Simply write down the code and you will officially enter level 2 of Escape the Backrooms.

You will notice that floor 2 is darker. To turn up the power, you should have 4 fuses that can turn on the power and light everything up. These 4 fuses are all obtained in level one.

Safe Puzzle

Once you reach the safe puzzle, you will enter an area that looks to be upside down. This puzzle is simple. You will see a number with arrows. Make sure to write all numbers down correctly. So for example:

  • If a number is 02, write it down as 20.

Follow the arrows and keep writing down the numbers until you get to the safe. Once you are at the safe, you will need to enter the series of numbers backwards, starting from the last number you saw, to the first one.

Inside this safe you will find:

  • Motion Sensor (Used for future puzzles)
  • Decoder (Essential for next puzzle)


There is a red room next to the safe puzzle room. It is essential to enter this red room where you will find a picture of the exit door. On that picture, there will be a symbol that you need to remember which will be used for future puzzles.

Computer Puzzle

Once you get to the computer, you will see a few notes with numbers on them. The colors and numbers is the order of how you will enter the password.

Roam around the different rooms with computers. On the computer screens, you will see colored pictures with some symbols. You need to use the decoder to see what the password is.

There are symbols on the computer as there are notes. So write them down.

Once the password has been correctly entered, a blue door will open up. Don’t go to that blue door as you need to complete one more puzzle.

Party Puzzle

There will be a giant room with a table, two bodies and some balloons. Enter this room and take all the consumables from the table. You need to press the button on the wall to begin the puzzle.

Entity #67 will be the entity that will chase you throughout this puzzle. So be careful!

The first phase of this puzzle is balloon popping. You need to pop all the red balloons in the room to proceed to phase 2.

In phase two, you will be in a maze where you need to open up a bunch of gifts which are hidden. The phase will be completed once you clear out all gifts from the puzzle. When the timer runs out, the entity will start chasing you.

Use the motion sensor to see where exactly the entity is and make sure to get away from it.

Phase three will send you to the big room where you need to blow candles. Blow all the candles before the timer runs out.

When all candles have been blown, you will see the last four candles in the middle where the cake is. With the last candles now blown, you will find a red key card that you can use.

NOTE that there are red lines on the floor which you must not cross.

Escape through the red door and take all the fuses with you to turn off the electricity which will allow you to go through the water past the blue door.

Once you have all fuses with you, go through the blue door and swim to the other side of the pool.

Pool Puzzle

This puzzle will be a giant toxic pool that Entity #5 swims in. Use your Radiation Suit before entering the pool.

Grab your motion sensor while you swim through the toxic water and make sure to dodge the entities as much as possible.

Proceed going towards a ladder which will bring you to the final puzzle of this level.


This one is pretty simple. Here you will be in a maze with multiple exit doors. That symbol that we previously talked in the red room is the correct door that you need to take in order to complete level 2.

And just like that, now you have beaten level 2 in Escape the Backrooms.