Inside the Backrooms: Level One Guide

Inside the Backrooms is an interesting horror puzzle game where you need to escape from the horrifying maze that you have awaken into. During your escape, you will encounter different puzzles and mazes which will help you get to freedom. Let’s get started on level one and see how to solve it.

This guide will show you how to complete level one in Inside the Backrooms.

Level One Guide – Inside the Backrooms

The first level is going to be a big maze where you wake up in a giant room filled with yellow walls.

On these walls, you will find arrows that may eventually lead you to your freedom. The freedom in this level will be located in an air vent where a ladder can also be found. You need to go around the maze, follow the arrows and eventually get to the ladder.

You then will enter a giant rooms that is similar to the previous one. Here you will see some shelves and there won’t be many walls, just a giant room with two shelves.

On the left shelf, you will find some Almond water, a couple of radios, and a note that will tell you to drink the almond water if you get thirsty.

On the right shelf, you will find some more notes and some Anti-anxiety pills. You then will enter the next room which is going to be the first puzzle of the game.

There are going to be a lot of pillars with symbols and numbers there in which you need to combine and press the numbers on the elevator to continue.

You see 4 pillars on the left and 4 pillars on the right side. On the right side, behind the pillars are pound signs. Showing that they are the order where you press the buttons.

Match up the one in the right pillar to the number that is on the opposite side and continue doing that with the other numbers to get the combination

Inside the next room, you will need to open up all the shelves and grab the flashlight because you will need it in the future.

In this room, you will begin to face creatures. The first creature is an unknown creature that is dark and has a thin body, almost made out of cables.

The other monster to watch out for is Entity #3. This is the smiling face that shows up in the darkness.

Entity #8 is the dog in this game, this will crawl up on you if you make noise and also make eye contact.

Once you are aware of all the creatures, you need to find the next exit in the area. Read out what each weak spot for the creature is and how to escape it.

Do know that there are a bunch of lockers around these rooms that you can use to hide yourself if a monster decides to crawl up on you.

The next puzzle that you will encounter in this room are the 9 bodies and 9 metal plates just above their heads. There will be a locked locker on the left side.

The key for the locked locker is on the dead bodies. Each dead body has blood on its blanket. The bodies that have blood are the yellow lights that need to be lid up on the locker. The ones that don’t have blood, are the ones that need to stay not pressed.

Inside the locker will be a hammer. You need to use it on many vases that you see around the room. One of the vases that you break will have a red key that you will need for the upcoming puzzle.

The red key can be used on a red locked door which is located on the other side of the level.

Inside the next room, you will see 5 paintings. Hold the flashlight onto the paintings and look at the painting from below or from the side, it will reveal a letter. Combine all 5 letters to get the word that you need for the next puzzle.

The next puzzle will lead you to a modern art where you need to shape the piece of metal into a horse. You simply rotate it until you get the shape of a horse and a door will appear on the wall where the horse is being projected.

The room inside will have a small clock that you can use to change the time on it from one of the notes that you’ve previously gathered. Set the correct timer and on the back of the clock, another compartment will open up with a note that has a code key for a lock.

This toolbox that you unlock will have a set of pliers that are needed for a puzzle later.

Now at the end of the level, once you’ve gathered all body parts and every single item, you need to take your VHS tape and head over to the dead bodies. The VHS tape will give you a name of each body and what body part they require.

After all body parts have been placed on the correct names. You will head and see a mirror being broken.

Go to the broken mirror at the start of the puzzle to continue.

Once you enter the last area. You will see a few levers on the walls. Each lever that has been switched will unlock 1 lock from the door. You need to find the 3 correct levers to unlock the door and allow you access further into the level.

Inside the room that you’ve just unlocked, will be a bunch of goodies. Make sure to pick up 1 protection suit, an extinguisher and a radiation meter.

Use the suit before you exit the area and go to the newest area that has a film over it. This is the last radiated area of the level.

Scan all objects with your radiation meter and use the extinguisher to bring those radiated numbers down. Once all radiated objects have been cleared out. A metal door will be heard that is unlocked and grant you access to the last areas.

The next door will be a locked door which you need the pliers to break the lock and exit the area.

The very last thing to do is stand on a button which will raise a garage door. Once the door is raised to the top, make a run for it to the other side and leap into Level 2.

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