Inside The Backrooms: How To Solve The Elevator Code

Inside the Backrooms is a survival horror multiplayer game where players are trapped in the Backrooms with monsters out for their blood. While searching for an exit, players will encounter puzzles that they have to overcome or die trying, such as the elevator puzzle.

There will be two sets of numbers present, one set will be numbers you have to input, while the other set will be their sequence. See the full solution down below!

How To Solve The Elevator Code – Inside The Backrooms

In the elevator room, there will be 2 sets of pillars with numbers on them.

Do not be confused with what the combination is as the solution is fairly simple.

If you look behind the pillars on the right, there will be hashtags on them. The pillars on the left will not have hashtags.

This gives you a clue that the numbers on the left will be the numbers you have to input into the elevator, while the numbers on the right are the order you put them in.

In the example above, this means that the number “4” is the 3rd number of the code, while the number “7” is the 4th number of the code.

The numbers are always randomly generated so there is no single answer. Observe the pattern of numbers for your game, input them into the elevator and then get out!