Inflammation Legendary Weapon Stats & Location: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

April 9, 2022
Time to burn your enemies to death with the Inflammation legendary weapon!

Players have a wide variety of weapons to choose from as they make progress in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Having a good weapon can be important in the game as it will help you defeat your enemies quickly and save a lot of your time.

 In this guide, we will tell you how to obtain the Inflammation Legendary weapon in the game.

Inflammation Legendary Weapon Stats & Location: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

How to get the Inflammation Legendary Weapon

In order to obtain the Inflammation legendary weapon in the game, head over to the Karnok’s Wall-Soultorn Rise at the location marked above.

Once you get there, you will notice a gap at the edge of the cliff that you need to cross.

Shoot the crystal on your right and a platform will activate.

After the platform comes near you, jump on it to reach the other side

Proceed further along the linear path until you come across the Obelisk. Once you manage to destroy the Obelisk and fight against a few waves of enemies, you will encounter the boss in the area.

The boss you need to defeat is Shara Dust-Begotten who drops the legendary spell after you beat herShara Dust-Begotten is a type of a Serpent Witch who will attack you with her poison damage and defeating her is relatively easy and won’t consume much of your time.

However, you will need to be careful of the small Badass Coiled enemies that will spawn during the boss fight as they might distract you and reduce your health. You will need to maintain a distance while fighting against her and time your attacks well in order to defeat her quickly.

Once you manage to defeat her, you will be able to collect the Inflammation Spell from her drop however you might need to defeat her a couple of times before she drops the spell.

Inflammation Legendary Weapon Statistics

  • Damage: 377
  • Critical Chance: 16%
  • Cooldown: 8.1

Weapon Description: It’s not the heat…it’s the low flesh melting point

Inflammation Weapon Effects:

  • Enchanted: When Action Skill is active, increase poison damage by 50%
  • +20% Spell Damage
  • 4 Spell Charges
  • Highly effective vs Flesh
  • Repeating Cast: Hold to cast repeatedly

How to use the Inflammation Legendary weapon

The Inflammation legendary weapon is a handheld flame thrower manufactured by the company Wyrdweaver. You can use it to cast fire at your opponents simply pointing your hands towards them.

In case you manage to get a kill with this weapon, it will cause a fiery explosion nearby. You can cast it repeatedly by pressing the spell attack button in the game.

Normally you will get three charges on the spell but if you use a spell charge as your passive you then will receive a total of four charges. However, the range isn’t too long so you will need to stick closer to your opponents.

This weapon is most effective against flesh type enemies and it’s fun watching your enemies burn to death. Overall, it can be a pretty good choice if you are playing a Spellshot character in the game

That’s it, you can now head over to the above location and grab this legendary weapon to set your enemies on fire!